Through The Esses - BGB Motorsports Competitive Customers Wanted
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John Tecce is the Team Director for BGB Motorsports, a Daytona Beach, Florida based Motorsports operation that competes in the Grand Am Cup series. They run a pair of Porsche 996's in the GS class, finishing the season opening Grand Am Cup 200 at Daytona in 5th place. Guy Cosmo and Mark Plummer are the co-drivers for the team's lead car, the #38 Porsche. Through eight of the eleven races on the 2005 schedule, the team is in 19th place in the overall GS class team standings.

But Tecce has no intention of staying out of the top ten for long. We talked with him recently about BGB and he made it clear the business of BGB Motorsports is all about putting forth a competitive and noticeable effort on the track and in the paddock every time. It is his hope that by demonstrating that BGB is a professional, talented and committed racing organization, he will attract clients who will choose BGB over another race services provider.

"BGB has existed in various forms since 2001. We started as Team Spartanburg and then progressed to Duane Neyer Motorsports. We had a bunch of wins with BMW Z3 Coupes, developing those cars very well, and we had a lot of fun with them.

"We are looking to create an operation that has the potential to be a platform for taking care of customers who want to race professionally in what is one of the most competitive series out there.

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