Through The Esses - Lienhard and Theys - Fast Friends Together Again
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© Andrew S. Hartwell

In an earlier "Through The Esses" column we said farewell to Fredy Lienhard, the gentleman racer from Switzerland, and the owner of the Lista Company, makers of modular storage units as you would find in race team transporters. At the time, he announced he would no longer be actively involved in a season-long racing effort and it looked like he had hung up his helmet for good. But the fast moving head of a racer is what a helmet is supposed to rest on, not a stationary peg hook or shelf. And so, we are happy to say, Fredy Lienhard is back under his helmet, driving a fast car and riding with a few good friends.

Didier Theys - the 'Belgian Bullet' - has rejoined Lienhard, his old friend and driving partner, in the Le Mans Endurance Series (LMES), sharing wheel time in a new LMP2 class Lola B05/40 Judd. The new Lola won in only its third race, with Theys and Eric Van de poele sharing the driving chores. Lienhard had to sit out that race with back problems but the plan is to have him back up to speed by the last race of the season.

Supporting them this season is a third old friend, Markus Hotz, the owner of a racecar-building company called Horag. Thus the team name Horag-Lista Racing. And like Lienhard and Lista, the team hails from Switzerland.

We caught up with Didier Theys the day after he arrived home in Arizona from his victory at the Nurburgring. Sorting through his phone messages and emails, and recovering from a case of jet lag, he still made time to talk to us.

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