Through The Esses - From Briggs To Brian To Porsche
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© Andrew S. Hartwell

The name Cunningham can be found in the record books of sportscar racing going all the way back to the 1950's when wealthy American sportsman Briggs S. Cunningham campaigned cars bearing his name in races across North America and at Le Mans. He was an icon of the sport, always bringing a competitive effort to the grid and always surrounded by outstanding teammates who could wring every last drop of speed out of the white and blue Cunningham cars.

Brian Cunningham is the grandson of Briggs Cunningham and he too has established himself as a racer to be reckoned with. Recently he took time off to become a partner in Porsche of Lexington with Jamal Mashburn. Cunningham is a man who takes great pride in the product he sells, and he is looking forward to putting that product to the test next season in the Grand Am Cup Series.

"I took a voluntary sabbatical from racing to get my new business up and running. I made a lot of good friends in racing and I am very pleased to say that Bob Snodgrass is one of those. When I was racing with Marcus Motorsports in the BMW we ran together - in different classes - in the Grand Am Rolex Series, so we had many opportunities to talk. I told him there was no Porsche dealership here in Kentucky and there should be. One thing led to another and I was able to secure an interview with Porsche for myself and the group we put together."

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