Through The Esses - ESBG Design - Making A Graphic Argument For Success
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© Andrew S. Hartwell

At last weekends running of the 44th Rolex 24 hours of Daytona, there were many new cars and teams in the field, confirming the Grand American Rolex Sportscar Series continues to enjoy a period of rapid growth. The blossoming bouquet of colors and graphic schemes appearing on the cars included some fanciful and intriguing designs. For example there was the burgundy, white, and charcoal #6 Graydon Elliott / Mears Motor Coach Fusion Racing Lexus-Riley. The new livery made a smart and professional presentation. Then there was the nearly fluorescent orange and black #60 flight Options Michael Shank Racing Lexus-Riley, wearing a design that invited the eyes to look closer. Of course we were also glad to see the return of a now-familiar livery, that of the red and black #4 Boss Snowplow Howard-Boss Motorsports Pontiac-Crawford. Throw in the shard-like metallic blue and silver Racers Group Pontiac GTO's and you had to admit someone found a way to make these cars look good.

Personal tastes aside; we wondered how the teams came to be campaigning cars so vibrantly decorated. We knew of at least one company that specializes in designing graphics for race cars, ESBG Design, and we wondered if they had been involved in any of the 70+ schemes that made an appearance at this year's Rolex 24.

We spoke with Jeff Borkowski who, along with his brother David, runs the company. We learned quite a bit about the business of making race cars look like 200 mile per hour billboards. The process is really quite intriguing and we learned it is a whole lot more than just spraying on paint and slapping on some decals. We also learned that the Borkowski's approach is all about getting the people who run sportscar teams to think about the opportunities a professional presentation provides, and have them be aware of the importance of thinking like businessmen who work within a sport.

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