Through The Esses - On The Dissipation Of Clouds
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©Andrew S. Hartwell

"We're very pleased to race a Ferrari again in the American Le Mans Series. We believe that this is the leading sports car series in the United States, and we are looking forward to the competition in the GT2 class."- Risi Competizione Team owner Giuseppe Risi

Being fans of the first Ferrari to rejuvenate top level prototype sports car racing in America - the Ferrari 333SP - we were pleased to hear that Risi Competizione will be returning to the American Le Mans Series this season. They plan to run a pair of Ferrari 430 GT race cars in the GT2 class. That news was also met with great enthusiasm by ALMS President Scott Atherton.

"Ferrari embodies many of the same qualities that the American Le Mans Series embraces. Exotic, prestigious and elite are descriptions that come to mind when discussing both. Ferrari has played a significant role in the American Le Mans Series throughout its history, and we are ecstatic that it will be returning to our grid."

What pleases us is that another traditional, established, and known manufacturer of performance based cars has decided the old way is still the best way. We refer of course to the ALMS approach to sportscar racing, which is in contrast to what is offered by the Grand American Road Racing Association via its Rolex Sports Car Series.

We did not just say we like one and not the other. No, we are thankful that we have choices, and even more thankful that to enjoy both series is our right and our privilege. And, quite frankly, the taking of sides for one series and against the other is getting old. You don't have to like one or the other. Like them both or dislike them both. Who cares?

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