Through The Esses - Pumpelly Won His Race For The Rolex
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© Andrew S. Hartwell

Spencer Pumpelly has inked his name in the racing history books by doing what so many others have tried and failed to do throughout their racing careers. For every Hurley Haywood who has won the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona multiple times, there are a thousand others who have never come close to seeing the checkered flag first. To win this race takes perseverance, determination, an ample supply of luck, preparation, and a solid team effort. Pumpelly can now testify that putting those pieces together has given him a reward like no other.

"It feels incredible. It actually hasn't really set in yet. And it is very humbling when you think of all the people who helped me with my career along the way. I am very appreciative of everyone who was there for me and I am extremely proud of the TPC team."

Back in 2000, we first met Pumpelly at Watkins Glen where he was campaigning an old (ancient is more like it) Porsche in Grand Am. He was the team owner, driver, crew chief and head mechanic who was running up against established stars like Randy Pobst in the then-newest model that Porsche had available for racing. But Pumpelly impressed many people with his outright speed in his much older car. Even Pobst told us he couldn't believe how much speed Pumpelly was getting out of his racecar.

Pumpelly is proud of what he was able to accomplish given his circumstances. And the experience would serve him well when his first real opportunity to race in competitive equipment came along.

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