Through The Esses - Shawn Bayliff Looks To Put The Picchio On The Podium
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© Andrew S. Hartwell

A single life is comprised of a multitude of journeys and experiences. The paths we choose and the steps we take to move forward can bring us to where we want to be or leave us wondering who switched the road signs along the way. Race car drivers know all about switched signs and wrong turns. They all find themselves looking to make the right connections to keep them at speed and moving ahead. But sometimes knowing where you want to go just isn't enough to get you there.

Shawn Bayliff's story in racing is not unlike that of many a professional with talent and ambition but no money to power their dreams. We caught up with this driver of the ADI Motorsports BMW Picchio in the Grand American Rolex Sports Car Series just prior to the Long Beach Grand Prix race. We wanted to know more about him and the soon to be unrecognizable as a Picchio, Picchio Daytona Prototype.

Bayliff is hoping that people will not only notice the new look for the car this weekend, but also notice the talents of the driver behind the wheel as well. His personal story somewhat parallels that of the Italian-bred car he intends to pedal to the max the rest of this season.

"Growing up here in the mid west my dream was always to race at the Indy 500. I won several national championships in karting. I won several indoor championships which were called world championships but were really just short track coliseum races. I drove for Bridgestone Tire and Margay Karting back then. Scott Pruett was a factory driver for them too and I replaced him when he started moving up the ladder. I had won the national championship in Camden, Ohio and Margay picked me up and Bridgestone soon followed.

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