Through The Esses -Sabre Wants To Cut In On Grand Ams Dance
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© Andrew S. Hartwell

"Right now we have a group of constructors that we have frozen, to make sure they can do an adequate business and an adequate job of supporting the teams at the track." - Roger Edmondson, President of the Grand American Road Racing Association, August 2003

Three years ago, when we interviewed Roger Edmondson about the whole then-new Daytona Prototype racing experiment, he told us that the plan was to start out slowly and try to build a new race series from the ground up. Of course, what has happened is that the series has grown at a more rapid rate than has ever been witnessed before in the history of sportscar racing. With the explosion of new entrants and race venues, a number of issues have arisen that will surely tax the patience and decision making skills of the leaders of Grand Am.

As noted in the quote above, one of the founding tenets of the series was to invite a limited number of manufacturers / constructors to participate. Rather than let just anybody build DPs, the plan was to protect the pioneers who made an investment in what was generally perceived at the time to be a significant risk. The series selected and approved just seven constructors. In exchange for their commitment in time and money to this new idea, Grand Am minimized the amount of market competition these constructors would have to face.

Before the final seven constructors were selected, approval for other car designs were said to be granted. Why the final seven were chosen out of the pool of approved designs is not readily evident. Regardless, the original seven have been the subject of much discussion amongst fans and the media alike.

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