The Inside Line: David Moore
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David Moore received his B.S. in Architectural Engineering from the University of Texas specializing in Construction Management. His love for the sport of automobile road racing found him leaving a successful career in Project Management of commercial building construction to pursue a career in racing full time. - What was it like to work with and watch Randy Pobst drive your Porsche through the field at Texas?
David Moore - Working with Randy? It was pretty sweet. The first time I worked with Randy was at the 12 Hours of Sebring in 1996 or 97 (can't remember which) as Team Manager of Kevin Buckler's car. As then and again at Vegas testing last year it was a real pleasure. Randy is so easy going, yet he is all business. He talked the whole time during the race and was just having a blast. Both Peter and I are really thankful to Porsche, especially Alwin Springer and Herbert Ampferer, for allowing Randy to sit in for Peter. - In 99 Peter Kitchak drove an older Porsche to second in the Championship. In 2000, the team switched to a newer Porsche. What did you see as the biggest difference between the two cars?
David Moore - Quite a bit of difference. The old car was a car you had to grab by the juggler and manhandle it through the turns to go fast. You do that in the GT3 and you are in real trouble. The GT3 Cup has a longer wheelbase and needs to be finessed to go fast. Also the power band is quite a bit higher in the revs. The Cup car is certainly faster, but requires a totally different driving style. Peter had trouble early on adapting like Cort Wagner did the previous year. Both those guys have been driving the old type 911 for a long time. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. However, I remember when it finally clicked with Peter, he was like a kid with a new toy finishing in the top ten in the last two races.
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