The Inside Line: Scott Atherton Part 3 of 3
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Scott Atherton sat down with us last week to answer a few questions we had for him. In the third installment of three, Scott Atherton, who heads up the ALMS among other things for Don Panoz, discusses manufacturer commitments for 2003 as well as possibilities of CART at Road Atlanta. You're in charge of the road racing facilities that Don Panoz owns?

Scott Atherton: Three racetracks: we have Sebring, Mosport, Road Atlanta. We also have four racing schools at those three locations and also at Texas Motor Speedway. Has there been any consideration in bringing CART to Road Atlanta? Is that close to being done?

Scott Atherton: There's been consideration. There's been two formal meetings that I've been involved with where we've actually sat down and talked about potential dates. There is at least one area on the track that would need to be looked at for some potential modification, because of the speeds that the CART cars would be travelling. Where's that at?

Scott Atherton: Coming down the hill in turn twelve. That's something where we've had a couple of CART drivers take a look at it and there's a relatively easy solution, but if you didn't have to make it you wouldn't want to make it. We ran the Indy lights as part of the Petit Le Mans this year, and I think those drivers came away with a unanimous feeling that this track would be a wonderful venue for a CART race. I would have to agree with them. There's ongoing discussion, but right now it would be at the earliest a 2003 opportunity.

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