The Preferred Line - World Challenge Wednesday
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SPEED World Challenge Wednesday (April 30, 2003) By Jim Bourn

"It is exciting to me that RealTime continues as its own entity and that Nissan has selected me to do this program." - Peter Cunningham

Peter Cunningham in a Nissan

By now just about everyone who even remotely follows the Speed World Challenge Series knows that a major program was launched that will see Peter Cunningham and TeamRTR bring Nissan into the Touring Car division. The program will officially begin when PD Cunningham takes the new Sentra to Mosport in May.

One thing Peter Cunningham wanted to make sure that everyone understood, above and beyond anything else, is that the Nissan Sentra SE-R program will not impact the operation of RealTime Racing and the associated Acura RSX operation. Cunningham was concerned that so many people seemed to think that there was any connection or that TeamRTR would in any way negatively impact RealTime Racing.

"RealTime Racing continues in its own entirety," said Cunningham. "I am just leaving to drive the Nissan Sentra for TeamRTR. Each team has no connection with the other. Not at all. We wouldn't have done it any other way!"

Both teams will operate under separate Tents and function totally independently with different crew members. Andrew Armistead, who acted in the same capacity for Cunningham's NSX program, will be the crew chief for the TeamRTR Nissan Sentras SE-R for Cunningham while Jerome Zimmermann will remain in his present capacity as crew chief for the RealTime Racing Acura RSXs for Pierre Kleinubing, Zac Mazzotta and Kevin McKee.

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