VICI Racing - Lamborghini Update
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VICI Racing had hoped to make their ALMS debut at Sebring earlier this season with a Lamborghini GTR. The article (A HREF="">click for article) was released on Jan. 28th but the entry never quite materialized. Last minute complications with sponsors left the team with no choice but to miss the prestigious event. The team used this period of time as an opportunity to refine and further the development of the car. VICI Racing will be setting up shop in Florida whilst competing in ALMS.

Now, following a successful two-day test in Hockenheim, Germany, the VICI Racing Lamborghini is set to make its long awaited debut in the American LeMans Series. The car performed flawlessly and showed great promise bringing a smile to the face of everyone present.

F1 pilot Gaston Mazzacane turned out some very fast laps during his first time behind the wheel of the Lamborghini. "It's a very fast car," Gaston said. "A sturdy, reliable, and fun to drive automobile. It accepts set up changes easily and improves its performance steadily." Gaston goes on to say " I feel very comfortable driving it and I am happy to be a part of the Lamborghini project with VICI Racing."

"It has been a long road," commented team president Ron Meixner. "But seeing the car in action it was well worth it. As we speak we are resolving some sponsorship issues and looking forward to participate in the remaining 2003 ALMS season."

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