Andy Lally Knows From Fast
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© Andrew S. Hartwell

Andy Lally is a native Long Islander who knows how to make a vehicle go fast. He has shown a remarkable talent for going fast while sitting upright in a racecar, or while lying flat on his back on a street luge, hurtling along at speeds of 70 miles per hour, just inches away from a terminal case of road rash.

The man knows from speed.

Over his career in sportscar racing, Lally has had his hands on the wheel of a variety of exotic equipment, ranging from open wheel to open cockpit-closed wheel racecars. This year alone he went from a Lexus he drove in the Grand-Am Cup series for Team Lexus, to a Picchio SRPII Prototype with G&W Motorsports in the Rolex Series. He also ran in the GT class of the ALMS with ZIP Racing, driving a Porsche GT3R. And he had single race drives in a GA Cup Corvette and a Porsche as well.

The man knows from variety.

Two years ago, Lally took up the sport of street luge to give himself a second outlet for racing. In no time at all he has really made his mark in this exciting yet sense-questioning sport. In October, he competed at the IGSA World Cup race outside of San Diego, California. There he went on to win all of his heats and then take the win in the final race.

He is the 2001 Grand Am SRPII champion, having driven a Lola B2K40 for Archangel Motorsports. Lally has actually driven three different prototype model Lolas in competition. After driving for Archangel, he raced with Jon Fields Intersport team at the Trois Rivieres and Washington D.C. rounds of the ALMS. He also raced at Sebring last year with the now-defunct KnightHawk Racing effort in a Lola - MG EX257. This car was later sold to Rob Dyson, who first ran it at the Mosport round of the ALMS last season.

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