Through the Esses: The Constructors Are Limited But Not The Questions
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© Andrew S. Hartwell

Hey Fellas! Let Me In, Will Ya? So you see, we were looking at the constructor's chart for the Daytona Prototypes that run in the Grand American Road Racing Association's Rolex Series, right? And we see that there are still just 7 constructors listed. That is, Grand-Am has held the line on who can and who can't build cars to race in their series. OK, we got that, but what will that mean in a year or two if the series continues to grow as rapidly as it has these last 12 months?

The explosive growth of the Grand-Am Rolex series, combined with the revolutionary "formula for success" it has applied to sportscar racing, has given rise to some hypothetical scenarios that have presented all sorts of "what if" questions.

Well...we have a few things we are wondering about anyway. Nothing Nostradamus-like you understand, just some curious thoughts about some considerations the series may have to deal with in a year or two. Then again, these could just be miscellaneous ramblings from an erstwhile pontificator of procrastinating dimensions. Or something.

You see, when you reach a certain age - as has a certain writer whose fingers currently hover above the keyboard from which this rambling emanates - your mind, such as it is, can cause you to seek answers to questions that may not even exist. I think its called Picchioisis, or maybe it's Doranatosis, I really can't recall what the nice doctor called it.

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