Through The Esses - It's Time To Aid The Preservationists
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© Andrew S. Hartwell

The history of sportscar racing on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean is nearly as vast in scope as is the great body of water which separates the two like-minded regions. Running races on public roads or purpose-built circuits has been a tradition both in North America and abroad for as far back as one can recall. (Admittedly, much further back in Europe!) While the venues and the cars may be varied, the love of the sport is the same. And preserving the history of sportscar racing is a shared passion for two great institutions, one east, and the other west, of the "great pond".

In North America, the International Motor Racing Research Center (IMRRC) in Watkins Glen, New York, has established itself as the primary repository for all things related to the history of auto racing. In Europe, the task of cataloging, collecting and displaying racing artifacts, manuscripts, programs and so on is being professionally addressed by the Motor Racing Archive (MRA). In both organizations there are skilled librarians and conservators who have made it their purpose to preserve and protect the history of racing.

Both facilities rely on the generosity of others to keep their operations both active and well supplied. Donations of racing materials of virtually every description - and monetary donations of every denomination - are always welcome, as each such act of generosity sustains the preservation efforts that much longer.

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