Through The Esses - Darren Law Is Always At Speed
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© Andrew S. Hartwell

"I have a 125 shifter Kart that I drive here at a local track in Phoenix and I love to ride quads up in the mountains."

That was what Darren Law told us he likes to do to stay in shape between races and race seasons. This 36 year old professional racing driver has spent the entire 2004 season behind the wheel of a GT class Porsche in the American Le Mans Series and a Daytona Prototype class Porsche-Fabcar in the Grand American Rolex Series. He has run a full season in both series and was the second place overall finisher in the American Le Mans Series GT Class.

Law also finished second in the 2002 Grand-Am Rolex Series SRPII Class championship. The year prior to that, he was the GT class champion in the Rolex series, having improved from second place in the 2000 championship. Law knows about speed and how to sustain it. And as most dads can tell you, you need to keep your speed up when you have two young daughters.

"I have two little girls, Megan and Hanna, and it is very busy here at home right now. It gets tough during race season but now that it is slowing down it gets better. My wife, Karrie, is so supportive. I couldn't have a family and go racing without her. She works in real estate and she is out with clients right now so I am taking care of things at home. Her profession works out well for both of us as her hours are flexible. And this season I have been away from home quite a bit. Because I ran in both ALMS and Grand Am I was at the races for 21 weekends. That doesn't even include time spent testing. It was definitely one of - if not the - busiest years I have had since I have been racing professionally."

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