Through The Esses - Thank You Fredy Lienhard
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Thank You Fredy Lienhard

© Andrew S. Hartwell

There has been no formal announcement that we know of. It isn't a sure thing either, according to someone who is close to him. But, the prospect of sportscar racing losing one of its most enduring and appreciated team owners - and capable drivers - has prompted us to take a few minutes now to say thank you, regardless of what his decision may be.

Thank you, Fredy Lienhard.

Lienhard heads up the Lista Company, a family owned operation that manufactures modular storage systems. His company name is most often heard in the context of Doran-Lista as in Doran-Lista Racing. Long a supportive owner and racing partner to constructor Kevin Doran, Lienhard was the primary driving force behind some of that teams finest moments in open-top prototype sportscar racing over the last 10 or so years. And there were many fine moments.

Who can forget the Ferrari 333SP? That car practically resurrected professional prototype sportscar racing in North America from the time it debuted in the early 1990's. Doran-Lista Racing campaigned a 333SP to great success in the original IMSA/ Professional Sports Car and USRRC / Grand Am series. Often their primary competition came from the Riley & Scott MKIII chassis campaigned by another great sportscar owner/driver/legend, Rob Dyson. And in 1996, the chase was on from both Dyson and Wayne Taylor, who drove a Riley 'factory' MKIII that eventually won the championship.

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