Through The Esses - George Robinson Is Hunting For The Rolex 24 Podium
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George Robinson Is Hunting For The Rolex 24 Podium

© Andrew S. Hartwell

George Robinson is a wild game hunter who enjoys the aspects of stealth and cunning required to pursue and land his prey, be it bird, deer, alligator or the steps of a sportscar racing podium. The owner of the 74 Ranch Resort in Texas - a haven for like minded individuals who visit there to hunt, fish or shoot clay targets - Robinson knows quite a lot about biding his time in a blind, or on a woodland trail, or before a big race, just waiting for the right opportunity to pounce.

Today we learned that Robinson owns a Lexus powered Riley Daytona Prototype, and he has had it in his possession since August of this year. Now if that isn't laying low out of the sightline of journalists and competitors, we don't know what is. But this cunning hunter has a plan because he knows where the sportscar 'deer' will forage come next February and he plans to be right smack in the midst of the herd ready to spring a surprise.

After a two year absence as a team owner, Robinson will be back at the Rolex 24 in February in his own 74 Ranch Racing entered Daytona Prototype. With minimal prodding from us, he let the bear out of the trap, the fish out of the net, the car out of the garage, the cat out of...oh, you get the idea. He told us all about his new machine and his return to sportscar racing as a team owner.

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