Through The Esses - Wayne Taylor On Sore Backs, Strong Sponsors and more
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Wayne Taylor On Sore Backs, Strong Sponsors, Special Kids... and Maseratis?

© Andrew S. Hartwell

What do you do when your team has just won a grueling 24 hour race, with a new chassis that you hoped would make a good showing and instead returned the best finish possible? When you have spent countless hours getting ready to run around the clock against an incredibly strong field of like minded teams and drivers? When you have ended your long day's journey into night and back to day again by waving to an admiring crowd filled with the people who work for your primary sponsor? What do you do?

"I go to my appointment with my chiropractor."

Yes, second time Rolex 24 hour at Daytona winner Wayne Taylor was up for an interview with us today, but first he needed to see his chiropractor. "I broke my neck back in 1982 at a Formula Atlantic race in South Africa. Ever since then I have had lower back problems from the break in the C5 and C6 vertebrae. I go to my chiropractor before and after every race. When I didn't race in 2003 I was fine. But now, with all the pounding around in the car, I have to keep going back to him for a tune up."

"I have initial pain after a race and then some more pain right after the treatment. I have to go twice a week all season long."

Despite the pain in his back, Florida resident Taylor was all smiles when he rode on the door sill of the #10 SunTrust Pontiac-Riley as Max Angelelli steered the car into Daytona's victory lane. The pair of veteran racers were soon joined by their co-driver for this race, Emmanuel Collard, and together they celebrated their 'at home' victory in front of a large crowd of SunTrust employees and media photographers.

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