Sebring LMP Preview - A Time For Whooshing
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Sebring LMP Preview - A Time For Whooshing

© Andrew S. Hartwell

We are getting closer to the hour when Sebring, Florida will once again come alive with noise and furious winds. No, we aren't talking about another hurricane blowing through this frequently weather-tormented section of Florida flatland. No, this time the noise and the wind will be provided courtesy of the American Le Mans Series cars running in this, the 53rd annual 12 Hours of Sebring.

Funny but, if you have ever stood trackside when an Audi R8 passes by you have to notice the whooshing sound it makes. A sound that probably mimics what one would hear were they foolish or unlucky enough to be standing in the eye of a hurricane. But while we can not validate that assertion, nor do we wish to volunteer to test it for ourselves, it is certain that whooshing sounds, and roaring sounds, and bright colors aplenty are promised for this annual race and extravaganza of humanity and mayhem.

At past events, crowds numbering upwards of and over 100,000 people have partied here. Taking some liberties now - with this, the 53rd running of this classic endurance contest, the math roughly equates to nearly 5 million people having come to this little flat town by the lake to watch beautiful (and some quite bizarre) sports cars race. Man, if we had the hot dog stand concession and sold them all just one dog apiece we would have almost enough money to buy our own whooshing Audi R8!

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