Driver Profile: Auberlen, Bill
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    If it goes fast, Bill Auberlen wants one. And if it's not fast enough, he'll fix it.

    This versatile driver is the American answer to Europe's racing superstars. Like them, he's driven by a passion for speed. But unlike many, his passion goes beyond driving fast cars or riding fast bikes. Bill also thrives on building fast machines, on the intricate synergy of technology and human performance.

    Born in Redondo Beach, Calif., in 1968, Bill started racing motocross at age four. Blasting through deserts and around motocross tracks, he won 39 per cent of the 200 races he entered. Then he discovered auto racing. His father Gary had excelled in motorcycle racing before moving on to sports cars. Young Bill, working for Gary as a mechanic, wanted to follow him into the driver's seat.

    Bill had won a lot of motorcycle races and championships, but all was forgotten the moment he sat in a race car. "Day One, I knew this was it," he recalled. "I really felt like I finally hit home. I listened to the cars going around for so long when I was a kid, that when I sat in the car, it was exactly how I'd envisioned it."

From Two Wheels To Four
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