WC - Lowe's
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SoundBytes: Schwartzott, and Shawn Passen, Dave Schardt
SoundBytes: GT – Justin Jackson, Galati, Cox
SoundBytes: GT - Cooper, Archer, van Dorn
SoundBytes: Touring – Taz Harvey, Will Turner, Neal Sapp, Don Salama
Picture Album: World Challenge Pictures From Charlotte (ZOOMPICS.com)
It Comes Down to Acura vs. BMW and RealTime vs. PTG
Cooper – Kleinubing on Poles
Cooper Wins The Race
Motorola Cup Veteran, Magner, Will Expand To World Challenge
36 Cars To Fight It Out For The First Win
Touring Preview – 40 Cars Will Fight For The Checkered Flag
RealTime Announces Their Plans for the Year 2000