GAC - Iowa
Distance = 400K (Split Races)
IOWA SPEEDWAY Iowa Speedway Newton, Iowa
Featured Articles:
  Iowa Race Notes: SpeedSource - Last Lap Battle Costs Team Podium Spot SpeedSource Race Engineering traveled from their home track race of Homestead Miami Speedway to Newton Iowa for their second race in two weeks.
  Iowa Street Tuner Race: Cosmo and Tuaty Score Victory In the first-ever race on the 1.3-mile road course at Iowa Speedway Guy Cosmo and David Tuaty co-drove the no. 127 Fountain Motorsports BMW 330i to victory.
  Iowa Grand Sport Race: James and Nastasi Remain Unbeaten
  Iowa Provides Challenge of Quick Turnaround
  Through The Esses - Rob Whitener's Racing Ambitions Are Out Of The Bag I was passing more cars but not enough for me. There is nothing more frustrating..
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