GAC - Mid Ohio
Distance = 400K (Split Races)
MID-OHIO SPORTS CAR COURSE Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Lexington, Ohio
Featured Articles:
  Mid Ohio Race Notes: SpeedSource Takes Podium
  Mid Ohio Street Tuner Race: Subaru Effort Takes Second Win Returning after a one-race hiatus- the No. 111 ICY/Phoenix Racing Subaru/Rotary/SPT Subaru Legacy and drivers Kristian Skavnes and Chuck Hemmingson played pit strategy to perfection in recording their second victory.
  Mid Ohio Grand Sport Race: Wilden and Martin Post Win Ken Wilden took the No. 52 Rehagen Racing Piloti Ford Mustang GT to victory lane Saturday for the teams first Grand-Am KONI Challenge Series Grand Sport (GS) division victory of the season at Mid-Ohio.
  Through The Esses - Kristian Skavnes  Looking For 24 At 42 I was 14 and I was at the track all the time with my Dad
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