The Fitzgerald Chronicles: Mid Ohio (Grand Am Cup)
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Last weekend I traveled to Mid-Ohio to compete with Turner Motorsports in the Grand Am Cup event. I drove a BMW 330 in the Sport Touring class with my old friend Steve Pfeffer.


We had a Thursday test day to start off the weekend. I got the opportunity to go out in both our car and the #95 car normally driven by Will Turner and Don Salama. The two cars had different setups so a couple of us drove both to evaluate the differences. The #95 car had the stiffer setup and I liked it a lot better so we opted to put the same setup on our car for the second and final session of the day.

Even with the stiffer setup the car still had way too much roll in the chassis. By Friday we had decided that the front of the car was way too low and we raised it up to the same ride height as the #95 car. This still didn't cure the roll issue so we started working with the shocks.

We had an unusually high number of practice sessions during the weekend, which was great for us because I felt like we were making really good progress each time we went out. With a combination of shock, anti-roll bar and camber adjustments we were able to get the roll under control and the car started to handle really well.

Qualifying was scheduled for Saturday afternoon. We had some rain earlier that day, which hampered our setup work a little bit and added some confusion. When Steve finally had a chance to qualify the car it was dry, but he had a lot of understeer at the entry to most of the corners. He still managed to place us fourth on the grid. Our teammate Will Turner claimed the pole position.

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