Star Mazda Champion Gets Test Drive in Spirit of Daytona DP
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Spirit of Daytona is partnering up with the Star Mazda Series and Hawk Performance to provide a great opportunity for the 2005 Star Mazda Championship. The Star Mazda Champion driver will get a chance to test drive the 09DP Crawford and will be given a plaque featuring the car. The award ceremony will take place on Oct. 15 at the Monterey Marriot in California after the season ending event at the Mazda Raceway Leguna Seca. Spirit of Daytona team owner/manager, Troy Flis will have the honor of presenting the award to the Star Mazda winning competitor.

Star Mazda is a professional racing series with the main objective to develop new racing and driver talent. The series competes across North America at tracks such as Lagunea Seca, Mid-Ohio, Trois-Rivieres and Mosport. The series consists of 12 races a year and averages 39 entrants per race. The Star Mazda cars are all one design ensuring to highlight driver skill rather than building the best racecar. The car is a carbon fiber composite built to FIA standards and has a 240 HP Mazda "Renesis" rotary.

The partnership between Star Mazda and Spirit of Daytona is a result of the shared relationship with Hawk Performance. Hawk is one of the main sponsors for Star Mazda and Spirit of Daytona. Hawk Performance approached Flis at the beginning of the Grand Am schedule asking him if he would like an opportunity to get involved with the Star Mazda Series. " When I found out about the opportunity with Hawk and Star Mazda, I could not pass it up. I know the series has been around for a while and it produces great driver talent. This relationship with Star Mazda will benefit the Spirit of Daytona and the Rolex Series. There is so much young talent in the driver pool with Star Mazda that this partnership will ensure that Grand Am will be able to gain new talent," comments Troy Flis.

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