The Fitzgerald Chronicles: VIR Grand Am Cup
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This past weekend was the season finale for the 2005 Grand Am Cup series, which was held at Virginia International Raceway. BGB Motorsports had recently picked up a new Ford Mustang and I was fortunate enough to be sharing the ride with Jim Bosler.

Virginia International is a great track with many challenging turns and elevation changes. The track is in a park like setting, and is billed as America's Motorsports Country Club. It is always a pleasure to race there.


The BGB Motorsports team came ready to race. We had tested the car for the first time a few weeks ago and the crew had gone over it thoroughly prior to the race weekend.

I was impressed with the Mustang right away. The handling was much better than what I had expected given the 3300 pound minimum weight that we were required to run.

We had a test day on Thursday. The first session was damp, but the Mustang was surprisingly easy to deal with in the less than perfect conditions. You would think that all that torque would make it a handful in the wet, but it was really quite forgiving.

We didn't make any significant changes based on the first session as the weather seemed to be clearing up as the day wore on. The last two sessions of the day were dry. There was no official timing and scoring, but we were timing some of the quicker cars and we seemed to be right in the mix.

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