Behind the Scenes with the Nonnamakers & Team Sahlen
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Team Sahlen kicked off the 2006 season with a bang by securing a first place overall finish in the season opener of the Grand-Am Cup at Daytona International Speedway. They continued their success that same weekend by finishing ninth in class in the prestigious Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona.

Team Sahlen's parent company, Phoenix ProMotions, is owned and operated by the Nonnamaker family. The patriarch, Joe Nonnamaker, oversees the company with his wife, Kris, and their two sons, Wayne and Will. Along with running a race team, Phoenix ProMotions is a full service promotional firm which runs the website ( The website delivers up-to-date motorsports news, stories, and images.

The team's achievements are unprecedented with 7 driver championships, 7 team championships, 10 manufacturer championships, over 50 professional wins, and over 150 podium finishes. During their long history of racing, Phoenix ProMotions has run under different racing banners including: Planet Earth Motorsports, Racing, Racing, and Team Sahlen.

Off track, the family is even more impressive with their successful business ventures. Joe, a certified public accountant and owner of Nonnamaker CPA, purchased his first subway shop in 1986. Twenty years later, the family expanded their operation to 41 Subway stores and plans to open more in the near future. They also serve as consulting professionals for the Subway franchise, overseeing 120 Subway stores in the Ohio region. Prior to the Daytona race, I had the opportunity to visit this extraordinary family.

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