The Fitzgerald Chronicles: VIR
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Round two of the 2006 Grand Am Cup series finally arrived last weekend in the form of the VIR 200. There had been a three month break in the season since the opening round at Daytona International Speedway. This was good news for my Fast Metal Motorsports team because we needed the lay off to get a better handle on our brand new Macallen Building MOMO Porsche 997.


There was a test day on Thursday, followed by two official practice sessions on Friday, and qualifying and the race on Saturday. We started off the test day with a pretty loose car and finally determined that the older Hoosier tires we were running were causing the handling problems. We made a tire change in the middle of the last session and saw a big improvement in the handling.

For the Friday morning session we made a couple shock changes to try to improve the car in the fast transitions that are a signature of VIR. I only got a couple laps at the end of the session in heavy traffic, but it was enough to determine that the car was improving.

We missed the second session on Friday to work on the car. This left us with Saturday qualifying as the only session prior to the race. We were hoping for a dry qualifying session because Grand Am cancels qualifying when it rains and grids the field based on points. Since we did not receive any points at Daytona we would have to start in the back in such an event, and so of course it was wet for qualifying. Oddly, they held the session anyway and counted it as a practice session.

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