The Fitzgerald Chronicles: Laguna Seca
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Last weekend we traveled to Laguna Seca for round three of the Grand Am Cup series. As I will be all season, I drove the Macallen Building MoMo Porsche 997 for Fast Metal Motorsports.


There was a Thursday test day, followed by Friday practice and qualifying, and a race on Saturday. We had two half hour sessions on Thursday, which isn't much time to get anything accomplished on a 2.2-mile track with eighty other cars, but we did our best.

I split the first session with my co-driver, Tim Pappas, and we quickly determined that we were still down on power, as we have been all season. At one point, I exited turn four and received a point-by from a lower class ST car, which then proceeded to out-drag me down the straight to turn five. As usual, the handling was quite good and we seemed to have sorted out the Brakes, although the heavy braking required at Laguna Seca made wear a pressing concern.

We made a few minor shock adjustments for the second session and the handling got even better, but we still had the power issues. Fortunately, we had a new motor coming the next morning, and since our lap times weren't too far off, we hoped that the motor would put us where we needed to be.

There was a practice session that was held early Friday afternoon, but we ran into a few complications with regard to the motor installation and had to skip the session as a result. I wasn't really too concerned about this since I was happy with the handling of the car.

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