The Fitzgerald Chronicles: Phoenix
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Last weekend the Grand Am Cup series held round four at Phoenix International Raceway. As usual, I was driving the Macallen Building Momo Porsche for Fast Metal Motorsports.


The race was scheduled for Saturday afternoon at 1:00pm. The average high temperatures had exceeded 100 degrees for the past week and the forecast for Saturday was a high of 102 degrees. Given that we have been having overheating issues all season, this wasn't good news.

We had a practice session on Thursday afternoon, followed by qualifying at 6pm. Since Tim was qualifying the car he ran the entire practice session. Tim thought the car was a little loose and, of course, there were temperature issues.

Qualifying was a few hours later. Tim did a nice job. He qualified fourteenth, which was our best result of the season. Our car still seems a little down on power, but PIR doesn't have very long straights, so I think that accounted for most of the improvement.

The next day we had one session. I drove the whole time, since it was the last session before the race and I hadn't driven the car yet. I did a few laps to bed in some new brake pads and rotors, and then I came into the pits to make some changes to the car. While I was sitting there the car got really hot. By the time we got things under control I only had time to do a few laps, so we didn't really get much done. In spite of the problems, I thought the car handled pretty well, so we decided to leave it alone for the race.

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