NASA Runoffs Fact Sheet
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Presented by Toyo Tires

WHAT: National Auto Sport Association Championships presented by
Toyo Tires

WHERE: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
7721 Steam Corners Rd.
Lexington, Ohio 44904

WHEN: Friday, September 15 - Sunday, September 17, 2006

WHO: Over 400 of the series' best amateur road racers who have
earned the right to compete in the NASA Championships for over
$500,000 in contingency sponsorship

PROMOTER: TrueSports, Incorporated

SANCTIONING National Auto Sport Association


RACE 9 race groups comprised of 51 NASA National classes determining
HIGHLIGHTS: National Champions in winner-take-all sprint race formats.

RACE LENGTH: 40 minutes

COURSE: 2.25-mile, 13-turn permanent road course

EVENT HISTORY: The 2006 event is the inaugural edition of the NASA
Championships and will be the first year that the series' amateur
drivers will be crowned National Champions at Mid-Ohio Sports
Car Course.

RACE CLASSES: National Auto Sport Association

GROUP A: American Iron, American Iron Extreme, American Iron Vintage
(AI, AIX, AIV): This is a classic battle of muscle machines. The
premise is simple: choose an American-made car and start
modifying it. The American Iron class has a limit of 9:5:1 pounds
per wheel horse-power and other restrictions to control costs.
American Iron Extreme allows nearly unlimited modifications.
American Iron Vintage offers a home for vintage-prepared cars.

Camaro Mustang Challenge (CMC): This series attempts to settle
the old Ford vs. Chevy rivalry with inexpensive production cars.
The series includes 1979-2003 V8 Mustangs and 1982-1997
Camaros and Firebirds. The engine rules are policed largely
through use of dyno certifications to avoid expensive teardown

GROUP B: Factory Five Challenge (FFR): This unique series is based on the
Factory Five Racing replica of the famous 427 Cobra. Drivers
must purchase a kit. A 5.0L Mustang donor car is needed for the
drive train components. The kit is assembled per the instructions
and most parts are specified.

GROUP C: Honda Challenge (HC): There are five classes within this series
(HU, HC1, HC2, HC3, HC4 and HC5) that cover a wide range of
models and a broad spectrum of modifications. This series is well
suited for Honda enthusiasts that want to modify their favorite
Honda model.

GROUP D: Vette-Viper Challenge (VVC): This is a set of classes to provide
owners of Corvette and Vipers a venue to compete with their cars.
While there are several classes including some that limit
modification, this is by no means meant to be a cost controlled
series. Classes are V1, V2, and VX (open).

944-Spec: This class focuses on the variants of the Porsche 924
and 944. Cars are mildly prepared to keep costs low and the
driving fun.

GROUP D: 944 Cup: The purpose of this series is to accommodate owners of
Porsche 944's and 924's originally built to participate in series
with PCA and SCCA. The car must be prepared to meet one of the
following classes: PCA-Stock H & I944, 1931s, J924 or SCCA
ITA and ITS.

Super Unlimited (SU): Super Unlimited is a class available for
cars that do not fit in any other NASA class and are heavily
prepared for serious speed. Slicks are allowed as well as any other
modification including full tube frames provided that all safety
regulations are met.

GROUP E: Spec Miata (SM): This inexpensive class features stock engines
and specified suspension components. Eligible models are 1990-
1997. The 1.8L cars run a restrictor plate and have to weigh more
1998. in order to level the playing field.

GROUP F: SE-R Cup (SER & SRX): This series was designed to showcase
the massive improvements that careful suspension, brake and
chassis modifications can make t