Through The Esses - Dana Moore Seeks A Checkered Future
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We recently came across a very interesting posting on the Driver Ride Board section of the Grand American Road Racing Association website. This is the area where drivers can post information about their availability and hopefully draw some attention to themselves, resulting in a paid ride with a quality team. Now, we have seen drivers from the famous to the unknown post here, as it is a perfect venue for connecting talented hands with capable machines. But on our recent visit we encountered a name that, quite frankly, had never been on our radar screen before. And after reading the post, we just had to find out more.

The posting as it appeared on the Grand Am site:

Looking for a ride in any class (pref. GT) with any car. I have tons of road racing experience...took a few years to go in circles and have decided that I'd rather road race!

I'm looking for a team that is willing to work with me (yes, I am a girl - if it's an issue for you)...I'd like to get in a couple races towards the end of the season and then make a go of it for next season. I want top of the line equipment and crew! If you are just an "arrive & drive" - no thanks.

If you are looking for a competitive & talented driver that can get sponsorship, talk to the media and already has a fan base then I'm your girl!

See my resume and stats -

Dana Moore? We hadn't a clue who this clever person was, but her sense of humor and honest approach to the task of landing a ride piqued our interest. So we visited her website read about her background in Legends cars and the Panoz Women's GT Series, and decided to contact her to learn more about her and her aspirations in the sport of road racing.

During our conversation her sense of purpose, her intelligence, and her easy going manner came through very clearly. She is a person who has the desire - and apparently, the talent - to persevere through a serious personal setback and work as hard as she has to to land a quality ride in the Grand Am Cup Series.

We asked California native Dana Moore to tell us her story and we gladly present it for you here. For Dana Moore is someone we expect more people will want to know more about.

"I started racing in time trials and slaloms in a parking lot back in San Diego, where I was born and raised, back when I was sixteen. My dad thought it would be a good idea for me to learn some car control, especially in San Diego where there is not a lot of bad weather. He thought it would be a good idea if I could learn how to drive in wet weather or control the car in a skid. The first time I was just in my street car. I was doing some pretty good times and the guys at the school told my dad he should think about putting me in his race car. That was a hobby that he had just started so racing was kind of new to the whole family then.

"We had a C Sports Racer - a 1969 Ocelot Mark IV - that we ran in vintage racing. It is still my favorite car to drive and we still have it. And all the races were run on road courses so I spent all of my early years in road racing. It was only recently that I ran in circle track races.

"At that time in vintage racing, you couldn't race on a track unless you were 18. The vintage organizations would sometimes have driver's schools for people under 18. I did those too. And don't you know that three months before I turned 18 they overturned the rule about being 18!

"So, right before my 18th birthday I got into my first vintage race at Las Vegas. It was an absolute mess. The first time I went out in the car, the Brakes stuck on. The second time I went out, the throttle stuck on. I was facing every driver's worst nightmare right out of the box. But I handled it pretty well, I think. My dad always told me that he thought driving was a natural thing for me. So when the gas pedal got stuck I just decided to turn the car off. Everybo