Through The Esses - Bob Miller Is At Speed In Motorsports
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The At Speed Motorsports Rogaine Porsche and Bob Miller
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As we were getting ready for our annual trek to the Rolex 24, we checked the entry list and found there were no less than 44 cars entered in the GT class. As we made our way down the list of team names we came across a name that was not familiar to us. We decided to find out who they were and what they had planned for 2007. The team is At Speed Motorsports, and we soon learned they will be running at least one, and possibly two, Porsche 997 GT3 Cup cars for the full season.

Bob Miller is the owner of this race team that has been steadily climbing up the ranks of the professional road racing ladder. In just a few years time they have moved up from Porsche Club events to the SPEED World Challenge series and now into the Grand Am Rolex Series GT class.

Operating out of a 12,000 square foot shop in Maryland, At Speed was the first team to bring auto maker Volvo into the professional racing scene in the United States. While that effort has since been handed off, the team hasn't had much time to lament the loss of the unlikely passenger cars they converted - virtually from scratch - into successful race cars. After several seasons of running in the SPEED World Challenge and proving they had what it takes to create a winning car, they are about to embark on a whole new direction in a new series. At Speed Motorsports has been busy preparing for what they hope will become a breakout year for the team.

Miller filled us in on the background of At Speed Motorsports and how he came to form the company that would allow him to pursue a passion he discovered later on in life than most other professional racers.

"At Speed started back in 1997. It started because I decided, after dreaming of it for years, to try my hand at pursuing a career in professional racing. I came out of undergrad at William & Mary and went right into a position in strategic marketing consulting. I worked for a few years and then I got kind of cocky and decided I was smarter than the guy I worked for. Three other guys and I started our own company and systematically put our previous employer out of business over the ensuing year. I guess our cockiness paid off. Then, it was off to grad school in business, again, nothing to do with motorsports.

"But I had always thought that I wanted to race&although I really knew nothing about it. And I certainly didn't have the right last name. I mean, I wasn't an Andretti or someone born into a racing family. One day in 1996, when I was 28 years old, a friend of mine suggested I take my street Porsche to a Porsche club event and see what racing a car was all about. I went around the race track with an instructor alongside and did about 5 laps. When we pulled into the pits he seemed to be impressed when he said, 'OK, so how long have you been racing?' I said, 'About eight minutes!'

"He encouraged me to consider taking up driving. Now, when you get that kind of encouragement from someone who knows about racing, you just have to go forward. But I quickly realized I didn't have the funding to go racing so I applied everything I had learned in marketing and consulting and decided I would run my racing program as a business. At Speed Motorsports was born to address that objective."

While kicking off his career much later than the kids who kart first and cash in later as young adults, Miller was determined to find the right path to success. Of course, as the saying goes, 'every journey starts with one step' but for Miller, the question was 'which way do I start walking?'

With a friend, he set his sights on starting down several paths, looking for the right one to take to make his dream of competing as a professional a reality.

My friend Paul Amico has been with me and At Speed Motorsports since the beginning. He and I did some Skip Barber races, and we ran a Dodge Neon in SCCA, and we also did some Porsche Club races as well. Around 1999 we decided to step up our game an