Behind the Scenes with Lou Gigliotti
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Behind the Scenes with Lou Gigliotti
-by Sahar Hassani

Three-time SPEED World Challenge Series Champion, Lou Gigliotti, hopes to score his fourth championship this season in his #28 L.G. Motorsports/Chevrolet Corvette 6.0L. In 2006, the passionate, outspoken driver scored two victories, three poles, and four top-fives finishes; taking second place in GT driver's points. With little help from GM (a couple parts and some wind tunnel time), Lou was still able to outrun the top factory supported teams by relying on plenty of talent and determination. He attributes his success to his team and family. His son, Lou Jr., serves as his crew chief and the young lad recently won the prestigious Zimmerman Cup Award.

Off track, the feisty Italian runs a successful business, L.G. Motorsports ( The Texas shop is a high performance aftermarket supplier and manufacturer. It's very clear that Gigliotti puts his heart and sole into building his race cars and it shows. L.G. Motorsports built over fifteen World Challenge race cars including three championship cars driven by Lou and one championship car driven by Terry Borcheller for Saleen. Always approachable and very funny, you can ask Gigliotti anything. But, be prepared for an honest answer. The Champion is never scared to say what's on his mind...

SH: How did you get involved in racing? Did you race while in college?

LG: I was brought up only 35 miles north of Watkins Glen and I hitch hiked down there when I was a snot nose kid and watched every Formula one race, Can Am, Trans Am and FIA endurance race that was ever held there. When I came of age, I joined SCCA and got a license and never stopped (except for long enough to start a family and have 2 kids).
I not only raced when I was in College, but I skipped my graduation ceremony by telling them that we were moving to Ohio and the Trailer was loaded and I had to leave early. So, I never went on stage to get my degree in Math. And in my senior year, I did a project for credit that allowed me to spend 4 days on the dyno with my home built race engine that I went to the run-offs in. I won my first National race against Group 44 at Pocono, and went to the runoffs in Atlanta. I was a high school teacher for 2 years and had to call in sick from Atlanta because they didn't want to give me time off for the Olympics of Road Racing. So, I went anyway. I quit teaching and started an automotive shop to build my race cars. Talk about passion and determination.
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