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Will the STaSIS Audis smoke the TC field in 2007? - Jim Bourn Photo
Another horse is added to the race for a championship.

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SPEED World Challenge Wednesday (February 28, 2007) By Jim Bourn

Part two - Fearless 2007 Preseason predictions - Touring Car

Part one of the World Challenge Touring Car preview for 2007 covered the three teams that I feel are the major contenders to win the Manufacturer's Championship as certainly RealTime Racing has proven their ability to win championships for Acura/Honda on an almost yearly basis and the combination of Tri-Point Engineering and Tindol Motorsports is giving Mazda their best ever shot at their first ever Touring Car championship.

Is there no one else who can challenge the eleven car armadas that represent Acura and Mazda?

Paraphrasing an old protest song classic the answer might be blowing in the winds of Northern California as STaSIS Engineering might just be the team to pull of the upset.

In fact many of you might be wondering why the STaSIS Audi A4s are an underdog at all as Chip Herr won the most races of anyone in 2006 and the win total in 2006 was Acura 4, Audi 3, Mazda 2 and BMW 1! The 2006 rookie of the year Jeff Courtney, who will be in a Woodhouse Viper in 2007, drove a STaSIS Audi as did Freddy Baker who was frequently banging on the podium door in 2006.

The Audi effort sure does looks to be even more potent in 2007 as STaSIS will be complementing Herr's return to action with veteran driver Ian Baas and World Challenge regular Dino Crescentini who has a World Challenge win in a Gigliotti Corvette in 2005 at Portland.

The Audi A4 T could dominate Touring Car in 2007. They could but the strength and experience of the Acura and Mazda teams coupled with some questions yet to be answered about the STaSIS Audis have to, in my opinion, make them a huge question mark.

The T is one of those questions because as we know the T stands for turbo and that rhymes with don't know which was indicative of how the A4s performed in 2006.

As the records indicate Herr had a bit of an up and down year winning one weekend and finishing outside of the top ten the next as SCCA grappled with finding the proper performance balance for a turbo charges AWD Touring Car.

While SCCA would seem to be very comfortable with the balance between the Acura TSX and the Mazda 6 I don't get that same warm and fuzzy feeling when it comes to the STaSIS Audi A4Ts.

Herr was certainly very competitive over the last half of 2006 (remember that his poor finish in Denver was due to his Audi getting bounced into the wall on the first lap), so there is great concern within the TC community that the A4T might be the package to have.
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