Behind the Scenes with Lawson Aschenbach
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Behind the Scenes with Lawson Aschenbach
-Sahar Hassani

Five months after graduating with a bachelor's degree in Engineering Science and Mathematics at Vanderbilt University, Lawson Aschenbach made history by capturing the coveted 2006 SPEED World Challenge GT Driver's title in his rookie season. He recorded one win, three podium finishes, and five top-five finishes in a Porsche 911 GT3; helping Porsche win the Manufacturer's Crown. In 2007, Lawson joins Team Cadillac as their newest GM factory driver where he hopes to defend his title in his #1 Team Cadillac CTS-V. He will be teaming with veteran driver Andy Pilgrim with the main focus of recapturing the Manufacturer's title for Cadillac.

Aschenbach is no stranger to winning championships. He began racing karts at the age of eight and has amassed numerous championship titles by the age of 22. It's no surprise that Team Cadillac invited him to join their roster of A-list drivers which include Pilgrim, Ron Fellows, Johnny O'Connell, Max Papis, Max Angelelli, and NASCAR NEXTEL Champion-Jimmie Johnson. Lawson is very good, he has a lot of experience, remarks Pilgrim. He is young, but has been racing for fifteen years. He doesn't make the mistakes most young drivers make because of his experience, explains Andy. He has been easy on the equipment and fast during testing which has impressed everyone. Plus, he's a nice guy which is always great when you're teammates.

SH: Becoming the newest GM factory driver is a great achievement. Can you share with our readers how you landed this great job?

LA: Well around the time of the Atlanta race, I knew that Jon Groom Racing was not going to come back in any series the next year. So at that time I started talking to Dave Spizter about the possibilities of coming over to Team Cadillac for the 2007 season. After I won the championship we talked a little bit, then I was invited to a test in November which went very well. And after one more test we started talking about a deal for 2007 and quickly came to an agreement. I knew there was no better way to come back to the SPEED World Challenge than with Team Cadillac to defend my title.

SH: Besides racing for GM, have you done any promotions for them? Superbowl?

LA: Yes, Andy and I had some video taping done of us in our street cars (he has the STS-V and I have a CTS-V) that will be on the website. That was a great experience working in front of cameras in the cars, outside the cars, and outside the racetrack. We also did a promotional event for the Superbowl, which consisted of a celebrity go-karting event. It was a great time meeting the celebrities and seeing them race. I was actually impressed by some of their speeds and definitely was a fun experience.
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