VIR Hosts First US Appearance of Ariel Atom Experience
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VIR Hosts Ariel Atom Experience
Track Day Performance Car Visits VIRginia International Raceway

DANVILLE, VA. - The Ariel Atom, one of the world's newest supercars, made their first U.S. appearance, bringing the "Experience" to Virginia International Raceway, offering potential buyers the chance to drive one of the rocket cars at America's Motorsport Resort.

Several of these little open-wheeled track cars have been seen at VIR club days and at lapping days sanctioned by renters, with great interest shown by participants.

Powered by a range of General Motors' Ecotec four-cylinder engines with choices ranging from 205 to 300 horsepower, the Experience cars feature the supercharged 2.0l Ecotec producing 245 hp. When pushing the ultra light 1,400 lb Atom, this results in under three second 0-60 acceleration.

The Ariel is built of large diameter steel tubing, welded and powder coated, with power delivery through a GM 5-speed transaxle equipped with a Quaife limited slip differential, making it a good choice for track days. The two-seat configuration makes it especially applicable, as a student and instructor can ride together, with the instructor driving or simply coaching the student from the passenger seat. Some track day cars and most race cars have only one seat, making immediate feedback impossible for students.

Trak Motorsports runs the fleet of eight "ultra-performance" cars that offer a taste of track day experience to those wishing to see what it is like without the expense of a car rental and entry fees.

Mark Swain, Sales and Marketing Director for Trak Motorsports, described the school recently: "what we're doing is we've got a fleet of eight Ariel Atoms, which are a pretty unique sports car. They're a two-seater, ultra-performance car that allows us to let anybody from a novice who's never been on the track before to experienced racers, to get out on the track, have an instructor beside you, and really experience what it's like to drive a high-performance vehicle.

"We cater to corporate events, we can take up to 21 people, as well as individuals who can run our full-day program. On our full-day program we supply everything from breakfast, lunch, driving suit, in classroom sessions and extensive on-track sessions. You end up with about two hours of track time on a full day, so everybody leaves with a smile on their face and are worn out by the end of the day, which is good.
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