Team Sahlen Debuts Hot Dog Boy
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Team Sahlen unveiled their new Official Mascot for 2008 - HOT DOG BOY - at the ROLEX 24 Hours of Daytona. HOT DOG BOY stood proudly with the Chevrolet Corvette on the pre grid for the twice around the clock event. Fans didn't have a hard time spotting HOT DOG BOY, with his hot dog shaped costume, and flowing red cape, with the famous Sahlen logo on the back.

During the entire 2008 year, HOT DOG BOY will travel with Team Sahlen at the ROLEX Grand American series events. Beyond meeting with race fans each weekend, HOT DOG BOY will be spreading his good will tour message.

"Life goes by fast these days. This is especially true at the ROLEX weekends, where the race cars go really fast. People need to remember to relax, and enjoy themselves. Go out, have a cook out with your family and friends, with a good Sahlen's Hot Dog, and enjoy a few laughs along the way." - states HOT DOG BOY

When not traveling from race to race, HOT DOG BOY can be found protecting the citizens of Bunville in his Chevrolet Corvette pursuit car. For those not familiar, Bunville is located just outside of Buffalo, New York - the home of Sahlen's.

To ward off his enemies, HOT DOG BOY shoots mustard from his fingers. If he wishes to just stun them, yellow mustard is used. When fighting his arch nemsis, SAUERKRAUT, HOT DOG BOY resorts to using his special Spicy Hot Mustard to take down this evil force.

To stay in shape, HOT DOG BOY visits the Sahlen Sports Park (\). This complex offers multiple areas for HOT DOG BOY to prepare for his next great adventure.

Like any great super hero, HOT DOG BOY is ably assisted by his faithful sidekick, KETCHUP. KETCHUP is so nicknamed because she is always having to constantly "ketchup" and stay with HOT DOG BOY.

No one really knows the true identities of HOT DOG BOY and KETCHUP. But like any true super hero, one thing is for sure, this dynamic duo fight for all that is good, without asking anything in return

,,,,,well almost nothing in return,,,,This duo has often been rewarded for their good deeds with a freshly baked piece of Anita Sahlen's famous Apple Pie. But as the saying goes "Hot Dog, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet", no adventure would be complete without just a little sliver of pie.

So stay tuned for more exiting Adventures of HOT DOG BOY and his faithful sidekick Ketchup presented by Sahlen's.

The 2008 Team Sahlen ROLEX GT Campaign is support by HRPWorldcom, ZIP Products, HAWK Performance, Forgeline Wheels,,, Grassroots Motorsports, Holliday Canopies, Alcon, CM Racing, Joe Gibbs Motor Oil, Genesis Technologies, and Corsa Performance.

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