The Inside Line: James Clay
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Clay leads teammate Seth Thomas through the uphill at Lime Rock Park.
Interview and photos by David Haueter

James Clay is well known in the Speed World Challenge Series as the owner of BimmerWorld Racing, which competes with a trio of BMW 325i's in the Touring class. Any race team has their ups and downs, but the BimmerWorld boys have had more than their fair share this season, from the high of finishing 2-3 on their home track at VIR, to having all three cars leave the race at Watkins Glen with crash damage. Racing is a big part of BimmerWorld's business, but it's not the only part. They're also a leading provider of BMW parts, both original and aftermarket, and have built some very cool street-legal project cars, including what has to be the fastest 3 Series wagon in the U.S. (possibly the world) and the 135i coupe that won its class in this year's One Lap of America. We caught up with James during the Mid-Ohio race weekend for a quick talk.

TheRaceSite: How do you think you guys compare to the competition this year?
Clay: It's really a tough year. I really think our team is doing an awesome job this year - we're fast, we're consistent, and we've put a lot of work into the cars. It's a little tough to be in a series now where the two lead tech guys, who understood the system and knew how to keep a level playing field, are both gone. It seems like a little bit of a free-fall this year.
We went through all the work in developing the BMW E90 3 Series as a first-generation car. As a street car, the 3 Series is awesome. It's a sporty car, but it's got a lot of frontal area. We built an engine when we started the program that has a lot of power, but we're using all the power. More power would help, but we're already pretty high-strung with the 2.5-liter. From a handling standpoint, we've taken full advantage of the rules. We've relocated everything and got it where we want it to and it's handling like a race car but that's not giving us much of an advantage now.

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