The 2008 NASA Nationals have now come to a close and we've crowned our champions for the 2008 season
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The 2008 NASA Nationals have now come to a close and we've crowned our champions for the 2008 season.

Sunday's race began in textbook fashion with the racers doing a fantastic job keeping the groups well separated and their thinking caps on heading into the first turn. The AIX start saw Chris Griswold get out front with Ernesto Roco, Paul Faessler, Andy Sutak, and Leo Capaldi in hot pursuit. As the AIX field charged into Thunder Valley, the AI field took a late green that put David Algozine out front with Dave Schotz, Robin Burnett, and Chris DeSalvo bringing some heat to the battle. As the AIX guys began to settle into a running order that looked like some serious strategy being played out, the AI field took the Gloves off and fought hard on each lap for position. Robin Burnett was hungry and charged to the front sliding by Algozine and Schotz to establish a slight lead over the front pack.
Schotz's tires seemed to be fading, possibly as a result of the double duty AI/PTB roster he pulled for the weekend, which allowed both DeSalvo and Algozine to move up into possible podium finsihed. The AIX game changed up when Griswold seemed to slow a bit which let Roco close up and eventually get by a whisker's distance in Turn 1. Paul Faessler than began his game plan tickling the turbo down the straights to get out in front of both Roco and Griswold to begin working the traffic cutting through the AI pack. The race continued on with some great battles all through the AI pack including a mano-a-mano duel between Wade Gagich and Jimmy Bost that saw Gagich checking the inside of Turn 1 on nearly every lap and the two having their fast laps separated by thousandths of a second.

Unfortunately, the race became shorter when Andy Sutak's LS2 gained new crankcase ventilation options when it shot some rods through the block just before the bridge in Turn 1. The resulting oil fog and slick forced a full course yellow and the race was checkered under yellow as there was not enough time remaining to extract Sutak's #111 and get the course clean enough to go green again.

The final AIX podium saw Paul Faessler notch an impressive win with 2006 Champion Ernesto Roco in 2nd position and 2007 Champion Chris Griswold in 3rd. AI had Robin Burnett finally achieving the top spot in the nation with Chris DeSalvo in 2nd and David Algozine taking the 3rd spot with a solid drive. Notable events include the GM F-bodies of Tommy Schlender and Dave Schotz coming home in 4th and 5th and also the hard charge that Rusty Ferguson mounted to come from way back in the pack to finish in 7th. Top overall and AIX lap time in the race was the 1:29.729 put down by Ernesto Roco in Lap 13 and the best AI time was Robin Burnett's 1:37.336 that he notched in Lap 3.
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