The Inside Line: Jack Smith and the Yellow Dragon Motorsports Crew
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Yellow Dragon Motorsports is a new team having significant racing experience organized to compete in the Grand-Am Rolex Series in Grand Touring starting in 2009. The members of the team are Jack Smith, Team Principal: Norm Morgan, responsible for chassis setup and race strategy; and Philip Creighton, responsible for at track support, crew management, and car preparation. Each has an important skill set to bring to the team. Tell me about your background and how you got into racing.

Jack: I have been in a business service profession my entire career.
I got into racing 25 years ago when I bought and restored a 1956 Lotus Eleven and no, I didn't buy it new. I raced in vintage with the Eleven for about 3 years and then went to club racing with an RX-7. Since then I have raced Mazda powered IT and GT Cars with the SCCA. My current car is a tube frame, 3rd generation RX-7.
For the last 3 or 4 years I have considered organizing a Grand-Am team based on various manufacturers' offerings. When the RX-8 came along I knew it was the one to go with in the series. I understand that you have an experienced crew assembled to run the team. Tell me a little about those people you chose and their background.

Jack: In considering how to develop an organization with the talents to be competitive at a high level, we looked at the strengths needed to be successful in the business of racing. At the most basic level, we have to provide a service which exceeds the expectations of the drivers, sponsors and fans and accomplishes the objective of having a successful race team. To achieve this goal, we are managing the team as a business and have financial, operations and market development activities and responsibilities. I am the Team Principal and handle team finance and similar matters and am heavily involved with driver recruitment. Norm Morgan works closely with me in identifying and interviewing driver candidates. Norm and Phil Creighton are responsible for operations, i.e. car preparation, crew management, car setup, and at-track activities. As discussed, I believe we have assembled a very talented group of people with significant racing experience; however, they can describe their accomplishments and racing involvement much better than I.

Norm: I became interested in sports cars and road racing while in high school. I was following Formula 1 in the car magazines. Then, one weekend while in college, and driving a sports car, I discovered the SCCA and an autocross event. I drove in several events with good results, several FTDs, and had lots of driving fun. A few years later I became more active in SCCA and volunteered as corner worker and then technical inspector. I then volunteered as co-builder, chassis engineer, and crew chief for an SCCA E-Production driver. We built the entire conversion from street car to race car. The team achieved great results over several years with numerous wins, lap records and several SCCA SE Division and National championships. My next racing involvement was as team owner/partner and chassis set-up engineer of a professional team the won the inaugural Pro Sports Renault series. In fact our three drivers swept the top three championship podium positions: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Then there were several years without racing involvement while tending to business demands and a young family. I watched televised races and went to the annual SCCA championship runoffs in Atlanta.

In the late 90s, there were a few years at the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona when I managed the race & the pit stops and handled driver radio communications for an independent Porsche 911 GT team. We finished the 24 Hours each year and achieved a 4th in class and Tenth overall.

About five years ago I became more active in racing by serving as crew chief, race engineer and coach for a driver in SCCA Formula Mazda. We won the SCCA SE Division National championship. Since then, the racing w
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