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Sport Driving School Offers Ultimate in Professional Education

ATLANTA - October 30 -- The Porsche Sport Driving School-one of the nation's most prestigious
driving schools-is offering its first fantasy camp for a handful of qualified participants who will spend
a day on the track with some of the finest race-car drivers ever to don Porsche driving suits.

The program, called the Porsche Legends Course, runs December 16 and 17 at the renowned
Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama.

This exclusive opportunity for just 10 people is the first of its kind and is limited to recent graduates
of the school's Masters Course, who will be personally coached by many of the greats in Porsche
racing lore. The Porsche driving legends include Derek Bell, Vic Elford, Hurley Haywood, Patrick
Long and Brian Redman. In addition to perfecting his or her skills during a full day of track sessions
with these world class racers as personal coaches, each guest will have the opportunity to socialize
with the drivers for a closer one-on-one relationship.

"This is without a doubt one of the most experienced group of racers ever assembled for a driving
course," said Bill Buckley, Porsche's driving program manager. "Just imagine the legendary stories
they will share during this program; not to mention the skills demonstrated, pointers given and insight

As part of the first class VIP treatment, guests will be among the first to drive the new 2009 Porsche
911 Turbo. The challenging and scenic 2.38-mile track presents 16 turns, allowing guests to gain
valuable driving experience alongside the elite Porsche drivers.

"The event will be like no other Porsche event I've ever been involved with," said Buckley. "Having
only 10 enthusiasts participate and five Porsche drivers, the guests will receive an unprecedented
amount of one-on-one guidance that will surely lead to an unforgettable Porsche experience and the
perfecting of their skills around a race track."

The price for the Legends Course-which includes two nights at the Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa
and dinner with the drivers on both nights, an entire day at the track and all ground transportation as
well as custom mementos including a Porsche race helmet-is $9995.00. Those interested in
learning more about this event can call 888--204--7474.
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