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The 70 Mazda RX-8 hammers into the Daytona daylight with a big lead in 2008 - Jim Bourn Photo
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Rolex Grand-Am GT Tuesday (January 20th, 2009) By Jim Bourn

"We have great drivers, great team and a great car in our castrol Syntec Mazda RX-8 we just need to concentrate on execution so that has been our focus since last year. " - Sylvain Trembley

Sylvain Trembley talks about defending the GT title in 2009

In the 2008 Rolex 24-Hour at Daytona International Raceway the Castrol Syntec/SpeedSource Mazda RX-8 driven by Nick Ham, Sylvain Trembley, David Haskell and Raphael Matos finished 9th overall winning the GT class by 7 laps over the #66 TRG Porsche of Ballou/Lally/Miller/Westbrook completing 664 laps around the challenging Daytona road course layout.

The win seemed almost effortless for the pole winning Mazda as they encountered little trouble while their stout GT competition slowed and fell due to this problem or that.

But if the Rolex GT competitors are expecting the SpeedSource team and Sylvain Trembley to be approaching the 2009 version of America's toughest race fat and lazy they will be sadly mistaken.

Let me tell you this about the group of people I am fortunate to work with, said Sylvain Trembley of the SpeedSource team. Last year after we won the race and on the following Monday morning when we had team pictures taken with the scoring podium showing us in 9th place (Over-all finishing position) we all started talking about next year's race. What do we need to do to win, what do we need to do to improve.

A lot of them (the crew) were tired so obviously physical fitness was a big deal. So these guys have been working out with a personal trainer two or three days a week and before work all of them have been practicing pit stop drills. This program has not only stepped up our program physically but mentally.
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