Bits and Bites From The Rolex 24
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Friday started out with an unwelcome portion of cold weather here at the 'World Center of racing', the Daytona International Speedway. It was jackets and sweatshirts for all as the many fans we saw here this weekend began their trek to their favorite viewing areas. As the morning wore on, the layered-look eventually gave way to garb more ordinarily associated with southern Florida weather. It isn't hot, but it isn't sweater-weather any longer either as Mr. Sun has made his presence known.

Sunblock, anyone?

We collected a few quotes from various sources and present them here as we wind down the Rolex Series on track activities in favor of the KONI Challenge racers.

Scare the Cabs?
Batavia, Ohio based Wright Motorsports is running the #33 Phillips Way Racing Porsche this weekend, with drivers Phillip Martien, B.J. Zacharais, Sascha Maasen, and Patrick Pilet. Martien founded the Phillips Way Inc. company and he hails from France. His driving exploits on that side of the great pond are something he is counting on when he takes his turn at the wheel here in Florida. And they are skills he feels have helped him make an impression on the streets of New York City as well.

"When I was young, we drove very fast on the streets of Paris, and now, when I go into New York City the cab drives fear me!

Sorry Phillip, those cab drivers may be in yellow cars but nothing scares them except a skipped fare!

Love Blossoms Amongst The Frost In Florida
Local radio stations have been advising residents to bring in their plants as the temperatures have been at and below freezing overnight here. Loving attention can melt even the coldest of plants - and hearts -and that is what has happened to Alegra Motorsports driver Ryan Dalziel. He hails from Scotland, where they know all about cold weather, and perhaps that is why he has become engaged to someone who knows all about the (allegedly) warm weather to be found in Florida.

Jessica Saap grew up in the Sebring, Florida area and while her parents were race fans, they didn't want her at the track because they didn't want her to get involved with a race car driver'. Oh well, sometimes what will be, will be and sure enough, Jessica and Ryan met through mutual friends and he pursued her for six weeks before she finally relented and agreed to go on a date.

It took quite a few laps' for this couple to see they made a pair of great co-drivers but they eventually announced their engagement at the Miller Motorsports Park race last season and this spring they will become Mr. and Mrs. Dalziel.

Best wishes to the new racers. And remember to bring in your plants.

Rolex 24 At Daytona Driver Challenge Announced
European racers can earn a spot in a Daytona Prototype for the 2010 Rolex 24 through a new program announced here this morning. The Rolex 24 at Daytona Driver Challenge presented by Sunoco is a competition between high-caliber Sunoco fuelled race championships in Europe, such as the British GT and British F3 championships. The highest point's scorer wins a seat in a DP at the 2010 Rolex 24.

Robin Braig is the President of Daytona International Speedway. We feel that the Rolex 24 at Daytona Driver Challenge will increase the awareness of the Rolex 24 race in Europe by offering one of the most unique prizes ever offered to European racers. The Rolex 24 is one of the most prestigious sports car races in the world and this new driver challenge will continue to grow its international prominence.

Jim France, the driving force behind the creation of the Daytona Prototype class, commented that this was one more way he hoped to bring back the international flavor his father envisioned for Daytona International Speedway when it first opened in 1959.

TRG Is Committed To Grand-Am
The Racer's Group, headed up by Kevin Buckler, is celebrating their 13th consecutive year of racing in the Rolex 24. They<