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An emotional Sylvain Tremblay meets the press after winning the GT Pole at Daytona - Jim Bourn Photo
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Rolex Grand-Am GT Tuesday - Rolex 24 Qualifying (January 23th, 2009) By Jim Bourn

Rolling around the Rolex 24

The first day of GT qualifying for the Rolex 24 was an emotional affair as Sylvain Trembley made a late run in the #70 castrol Syntec SpeedSource Mazda RX-8 to snatch the pole position away from Andy Lally who was in the process of driving his #67 Construct Corp/CRG/No Fear TRG Porsche to the tech shed.

Trembley's final pass of 1:49.445 on lap 8 dropped Lally, who turned a 149.540 on lap 4 to 2nd.

The post qualifying press conference was an emotional affair as Sylvain Trembley, who has had deal with the loss his wife in a pre-Christmas auto accident while preparing for the defense of the 2008 Rolex GT win, had difficulty dealing with moment of winning the pole.

If the interview said nothing it clearly demonstrated the respect shared by Lally and Trembley and the bond that glues race drivers who compete fervently on the track while sharing their pain and joy off the track.

Winning the pole was a real testament to all of the hard work turned in by SpeedSource over the winter, said Trembley. We were short by about three or four Tenths and I had to do quite a bit of work to do to make it happen. We got some good combinations and I could see that the lap had potential.

I kept my head down and drove as hard as I ever have driven here to try to get that lap. I know it doesn't mean much for a 24-hour race, but it means a lot to the team. It means a lot to my boys and it means a lot to me!
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