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Trembley and Lally set the early pace but a broken fuel cell ended SpeedSources chance of a repeat GT win - Jim Bourn Photo
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Rolex Grand-Am GT Tuesday - Rolex 24 - Hour 4 Report (January 24th, 2009) By Jim Bourn

Rolex-24 GT Race report - 4-hour report

At 4:45 about an hour and a quarter into the event the twin Farnbacher Loles hold the lead as Farnbacher in the #87 Porsche leads Dirk Werner by 2.5 sec with the #67 TRG Porsche of Andy Lally back over 13 seconds in 3rd. Spencer Pumpelly and Richard Westbrook round out the top five in their Porsches.

It has been a grim day for the SpeedSource Mazda RX-8s as the pole sitting castrol Syntec RX-8 of Sylvain Trembley ran over curbing, while leading the opening laps, and damaged the fuel cell.
Tremblayreported a fuel pressure sensor going off as the team first thought it was a fuel pump issue but after a quick pit stop the problem persisted and it was determined that it was a broken fuel cell so the SpeedSource took the #70 behind the wall on lap 12 to replace the cell entirely.

Obviously, a freak thing, said Sylvain Tremblay. We had gone through the bus stop, and either I dropped a tire or hit debris and it punched a hole into the fuel cell. It's a one in a million thing, but SpeedSource is working hard to fix it. It's unfortunate that our team mates are also having trouble.

Things were going better with the #69 FXDD SpeedSource Mazda RX-8 as Jeff Segal had the car up in the top 5 form most all of his stint and was into 3rd when he pitted and was replaced by Matt Plumb.

Early in his stint Plumb smacked the #63 Porsche of Steve Zadrig as the Porsche seemed to brake early and Plumb smacked him hard under braking going into the left hander leading onto NASCAR turn 1. Both cars spun and reported to the pits to repair damages.

Matt (Plumb) had a back marker move across while he was passing him in a braking zone, said co-driver Emil Assentato. Unfortunately Matt was carrying a little more speed that the other guy and we had some severe damage to the front end which we are trying to repair and get back into the race. It broke a control arm and bent a shock.

Unfortunately the suspension was severely damaged on the #69 Mazda necessitating a trip behind the wall for extensive repairs on lap 32.
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