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The 66 TRG Porsche raced into the lead at the end of the 8th hour - Jim Bourn Photo
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Rolex Grand-Am GT Tuesday - Rolex 24 - Hour 8 Report (January 24th, 2009) By Jim Bourn

Rolex-24 GT Race report - 4-hour report

A timely yellow allowed Kelly Collins to pit the GT race leading Banner Racing Pontiac GXP.R under yellow as he turned the controls over to Jan Magnussen. The pit stop dropped the #07 Pontiac GXP.R into the 3rd position.

The timing was excellent, said Leighton Reese. We had to stop for fuel and better doing that under a yellow than a green. Kelly did a great job keeping our Pontiac GXP in the lead. We almost got lapped but this last sequence of pit stops really worked out for us. I was thinking optimistically that we would try to get into the lead by midnight but we surpassed that by getting the lead five hours into the race so it is good so far.

Yes we are good now but it is a long race, cautioned team manager Joe Kantarik.

It was good, said Kelly Collins of his double stint. The car felt really good I changed the bars (sway bars) and stiffened the front a little bit and then went softer on the front to get the front to turn a little better. When the fuel burned off I went back up on the bars so our Pontiac GXP stayed very balanced throughout the stint.

The tires were very predictable although they did get a bit slippery as the fuel load burned off. Other than that everything was good and the car is working great. Steve and Jim, talking with me and let me what was going on and they made the decision (to stay out during the caution) and it was obviously a good one. We were almost a lap down but because of two good decisions we were in the lead.

Working the 5th and 6th hours Jan Magnussen takes over the point when Wolf Henzler pits the #87 Farnbacher Loles Porsche turning the wheel over to Richard Westbrook. The course immediately went yellow when the #55 Daytona Prototype had suspension failure of sorts on lap 156 (for overall DP leaders).

The #57 Stevenson Pontiac pits and Robin Liddell returns to action during this caution period. When the track went back to green Magnussen held the lead over Eric Lux in the #86 Porsche and BJ Zacharias in the #33 Porsche. Westbrook is in fourth in the 87 Farnbacher Loles Porsche with Richard Lietz 5th and Liddell 6th.

We are chipping away at it, said Liddell's co-driver Andrew Davis.
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