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Are drivers like Andrew Davis seen here awaiting another turn in the Stevenson Pontiac true athletes - Jim Bourn Photo
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Rolex Grand-Am GT Thursday - Rolex 24 Special Edition (January 29th, 2009) By Jim Bourn

A glance back at the 2009 Rolex 24

"I am supposed to run around the track just to get back to here? I'm here already!"

That was my daughter Jennifer's take on track and field back in her high school days and while she takes a much more active approach to physical activity these days she would most likely use the same words to explain auto racing as she isn't much of a fan of the sport.

Racing often gets a bad rap from those who don't follow the sport particularly when the argument shifts to the question around if auto racing is or is not an actual sport or athletic activity.

Those who follow racing closely do know that racing is certainly a sport because it matches most any pure definition of sport. As to the athletic aspects of racing you only have to spend 24 hours in the pits at Daytona during Grand-Am's Rolex 24 Hour to completely understand that not only are the drivers true athletes but the crewmen must be athletes as well.

The demands on everyone involved in a major 24 hour racing competition are intense on everyone and everything involved.

The fitness of the finely tuned race cars are tested to the max and unfortunately for all to many their equipment finds both the normal and oddly abnormally methods to break or at least cease normal function.

The fitness of the drivers is tested by gravity, both natural and manmade, heat, cold and fatigue. The fit and athletic perform where most in the stands would struggle or worse.
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