The Inside Line: Andy Lally
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In case you missed the last ten years of sportcar racing, Andy Lally has risen from the entry level series ranks into one of the premier drivers in the series.

Lally's resume includes 2006, 2004 and 2001 Rolex Grand Am Champion. 2001 24 Hours of Daytona class winner. Currently holds the record for most podium (top 3) finishes in Grand American Rolex Series history, also holds the record for most podium finishes in a single season. Tied for second on all time win list and has won more races than any other series driver in the last three years. Lally is the first and only three time Rolex Series Champion.

Lally has continued that success in the sportscar ranks while taking on the challenge of the NASCAR Truck Series. We caught up with Andy for an interview after his second Rolex 24 Hours win this year in the GT Class TRG Porsche. You have had a great start to the year with a win at the Rolex 24 Hours At Daytona to start the year off. This is now your second Rolex 24 watch. With three Championship watches as well, do you ever put all five on at once just to marvel at them?

Andy Lally: It was an incredible day. That is the race that I work hardest at every year, it is the race every driver wants the most and to be able to accomplish your goal of winning the Daytona 24 brings both overwhelming joy and at the same time relief!! The relief comes from the fact that everyone knows that even if they put their best effort in, have prepared as well as they can and the crew has done a great job,, that something out of their hands can take away one of the most important victories in their career. This was my second win at the 24 but I have also finished 2nd three times. 2nd place at the Daytona 24 is a tough one, you are happy that you have kicked off the season with a good start in the points but you are standing so close to the victors that it can be very tough to see how close you came.

I have not put all the watches on one arm. I have actually only kept one of them. I have my first Rolex from 8 years ago but have given the others away to the people that have helped me most in my career. You're going to be in Daytona for the Truck race again this year. What are some of the easy things to adapt to when going to trucks and what are some of the difficult things?

Andy Lally: It is a whole different world. About the only thing I take with me is my work ethic. Most everything else is relearned and/or adapted. Setting up the trucks are a bit different. With everything being set up to turn only left you find yourself using a totally different mentality. The drafting is awesome and the biggest thing you can do at Daytona is stay out of trouble. There will be wrecks and it is just a roll of the dice if you happen to be near it. You need to stay calm when it all hits the fan in front of you and make sure to find a hole and get through it. It is one of the most thrilling things I have ever done. We finished 11th in the Daytona truck race last year and it will be neat to see if I can improve this year. You have been able to maintain peak physical conditioning in spite of, or perhaps because of, your vegetarian lifestyle. Is it hard to follow that diet withing being at the track and on the road so much?

Andy Lally: It was at first. Sometimes it is a little frustrating but I once you are 6 months into being vegetarian it is easy to follow. Im more fit then I was when I ate meat and if I can do it anyone can. I ate cows or chickens three meals a day and NEVER thought I could do it. Anyone that has the true dedication can get it done. I would like to someday live a full vegan lifestyle. That will be 10 times harder then being vegetarian though. How early in life did your obsession with speed start?

Andy Lally: I was born with the desire to race. When I was a kid I took everything with wheels on<